USA 2011: Parlux 3800 is the best products test in comparison.

USA 2011 - PARLUX 3800

Parlux 3800 Eco-friendly is the best technological hairdryer in USA!

The prestigious, famous U.S. magazine WIRED, - a monthly publication dealing with technology referred to culture, economy and politics – in the March 2011 issue reports a very interesting article signed by Ramona Emerson about the most modern and technological hairdryers.

Among different professional hairdryers tested, the Parlux 3800 Eco-friendly resulted the editor’s pick due to its many, positive, technical features.

Generally speaking, nowadays mostly of the hairdryers are produced with unusual, innovative materials as well as technological devices. The WIRED magazine experts chose the Italian hairdryer because of its “made to measure” sizes, its ergonomics, light weight, perfect handability.

In addition, because of its powerful, long lasting motor which allows very quick drying, its negative ions device which leaves hair soft and shiny, its new silencer and the eco-friendly raw materials with which this professional tool is made of.

All these features convinced the American journalists to realize that the latest Italian made  Parlux

hairdryer is the very best among any other competitor.

This new award confirms that any professional products created by Parlux always get success both among professionals of the field, both among science and technology experts who may also positively influence general public.

The fact that in U.S.A, big nation used to evaluate and use domestic and British products, an Italian, Italian made hairdryer has been chosen, makes Parlux leader of the main international hairdryer producers.

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