The men’s perfect hairdryer is a Parlux one


Delicacy, light-weight and balanced power: you can find the perfect features of a men’s hairdryer in the Parlux ARDENT®; the most requested barber hairdryer by Italian hair stylists specializing in men's hairstyles. Find it out with us.

The hair care is a universal concept both for men and women. It must be said, however, that men have specific needs, one of them is the need to dry their beards too.

Our professionals are attentive to all needs, which is why ARDENT® was created, the first Parlux professional hairdryer specifically designed for the needs of modern Barber Shops.

This is a professional hairdryer with “vintage” design and a brush graphite finishing, containing a high level technology able to satisfy the most demanding professionals. As any other Parlux model, it is light-weight and is as powerful as needed.


Watch the video to see it at work!

Why is the Parlux ARDENT® barber hairdryer one of the best men’s hairdryers? Here are some of its plus.

It dries hair in a very short time

A Parlux barber hairdryer is the perfect ally for the most impatient customers and for hairdressers having a busy schedule of appointments in the salon.

The ideal power combined with the negative ion technology allows for a quick hair drying – not at all aggressive – of beard, moustache and any hair kind leaving a soft, shiny effect.

Drying your hair and beard will be a real pleasure, not an endless torture!


It is a gentle tool, suitable for the thinnest hair and for the beard

There is nothing worse than a hairdryer burning your hair. Having at disposal a very powerful hairdryer doesn’t mean having a very aggressive air flow, but a balanced system which can manage the heat and the power of the tool itself.

The technology of this hairdryer that has the new AC professional motor has been designed just for men and allows for a gentle drying of the thinnest hair and the thickest beard without spoiling the face skin.

There is no burning risk

Parlux ARDENT® is a hair dryer which is gentle on the sculp and also protects the delicate face skin.

The heat results to be well balanced, the hairdryer dries hair in a very short time without burning hair and skin. But the real treat is its anti-heating front body: the special construction with triple insulation keeps the front of the hairdryer cold allowing a comfortable grip and greater freedom of use.


Complete it with the MagicSense® diffuser


Parlux ARDENT® is compatible with MagicSense®, the special diffuser that revolutionizes the drying of curly hairstyles and hair, to get a natural effect in a short time, without messing up.

Its optimal size and hole distribution have been designed to facilitate drying, creating a perfect combination between temperature and emitted air. Thanks to this combination, it’s possible to obtain natural curls in a shorter time, quickly drying the hair roots without drying the hair tips too much, thus reducing the frizzing effect.



Just to complete the presentation of the Parlux Ardent®, you should know that this tool has a long life (2000 hours) and presents 2 front switches for a comfortable use even for left-handed hairdressers.

How does it sound to you? Isn't that exactly the man's hairdryer you were looking for?

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