Parlux: in Padua, for the summer break of the ANAM Academy

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Among the most loved awards for aspiring hairdressers, the Parlux ALYON® hairdryers.

Last Monday May 27th, the ANAM President (Accademia Nazionale Acconciatori Misti – National hairstylists Academy) the teachers and students of the ANAM Academy, met together in a famous restaurant in Padua for a pleasant lunch during which the most deserving students were awarded with some prizes.

Without any doubt, Parlux is the protagonist  in the hair industry and on the occasion of many ANAM’s  events.  it’s an International known trademark among hairdressers,   thanks to their high quality professional hairdryers and is always present on the stages of the hairstyling competitions, during live shows, at hair academies, at the best hair salons worldwide.

Those who attended the ANAM educational courses, already know the technical features of these tools because they used and tested them during the school year;  with special regard to the model Parlux ALYON® which offers an ergonomic modern design, power, lightweight, drying quickness, silent operation and innovative technologies such as the HFS (Hair Free system – patent pending, a new system which catches and keeps the hair for a cleaner and efficient hair dryer) and the Air Ionizer Tech system which, due to   an included negative ions emitter allows for soft, shiny hair suitable for any creative hairstyle.

The pleasant dinner for the summer break, ended with the assignment of some Parlux ALYON® hair dryers as awards for these future hairdressers who distinguished themselves during this year's training courses.

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