Parlux in Bangkok

For more than 20 years or so, PARLUX products have been distributed in Thailand and are now used by most hairdressers in that country due to their many important professional features, favoured by specialists in that field.
PARLUXrecently paid a visit to Bangkok where they were able to speak and listen to hairdressers' comments regarding their hairdressing products.
They discovered that ladies from this South Eastern country prefer western hairstyles, cuts and colouring thanks to many famous International icons working in this field. Hairdressers therefore use up-to-date efficient tools and products.
Among them Parlux hairdryers thanks to their power, light-weight, reliability and easy-to-use handgrip, quick-drying and the eco-friendly philosophy with which they are produced.
At the present moment, the Parlux 385 PowerLight® hairdryer in their many colourful versions, are very popular in Bangkok salons, whether used in the traditional grip fashion or not. Hairdressers are happy with these dryers as their light weight causes them less fatigue and tiredness and customers obtain soft and shiny perfect hairstyles in less time.
Great success also for the Parlux Melody silencer, the accessory which allows a more silent salon. It can be mounted on any Parlux model and highly reduces the noise of the dryer while operating.
Another, lately-added product, is the new Parlux Cape, practical and comfortable for customers during their visit to their hairdressing salon.
A pleasant surprise for all Parlux fans.
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