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The 50th edition of this year’s important exhibition in Bologna was also the venue of another important anniversary celebration: that of Parlux and their 40th year of activity and success in the creation, production and commerce of professional tools particularly devoted to hairdressers.

At hall 33, the big, bright, spacious and hospitable PARLUX booth was the encounter point for many visitors and fond customers.

The Parlux professional hairdryers, especially the Parlux ADVANCE® model, in its various different colourful versions, caught the attention of many  professionals who appreciated its extraordinary, technical advanced features thus considering it a “top dryer” and product of excellence for hairdressers

 To celebrate their 40th year of activity (Parlux founded in 1977 by the current CEO, Mr. Paolo Parodi) this modern hairdryer is being produced in a limited edition, only during the year 2017, in the colour ‘BLUE MATT’ with the special “40 years Parlux logo” to commemorate this great event. A first class dryer to be used immediately in your hair salon or kept as a keepsake.

This special model in fact, will remind all future owners and users that they own an indispensable working tool created by a company which has made and continues to make history in the field of professional hair dryers.

As foreseen, the PARLUX booth was constantly crowded:

  at the PARLUX Social Corner many visitors took a nice ”selfie”, and  some customers even made short videos expressing their ideas about Parlux and their products;

Many visitors also admired the beautiful Parlux girls whose hairstyles were created by Fulvio Furcas, the Italian hairstylist who often participates and helps to animate many Parlux events all over the world.

PARLUX – Mission BAMBINI: A corner dedicated to fund-raising for charitable causes. This year Parlux dedicated the corner to this particular association mission BAMBINI in order to help raise money for this important cause.

Parlux always keeps in mind and tries to help those who are less fortunate.

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