PARLUX: An Additional International Award and “Hall of Fame” mention among the hair professional accessories

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The Parlux ADVANCE® is therefore, the best hairdryer in its category.

The professional hairdryers manufactured by the famous Italian company PARLUX have obtained over the years, different prizes and awards in many countries all over the world.

In Great Britain especially, the Parlux hairdryers have always been chosen and appreciated by a large number of the public; that of professionals and that of customers who, on having tested the quality and effectiveness of the hairdryers have decided to buy and use them even at home.

The fashion and trend HAIR magazine which promotes every year the choice of the best beauty products of the best trademarks in the industry, this time again, gave an Award to a Parlux hairdryer!

The modern, ergonomic design, the advanced technology, the power and the lightweight of the Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryer are the technical features which once again, made it obtain this Award as the best hairdryer in the category among 60 of the most important and well-known different brands in the hair and beauty world.

This last Award, achieved for the fourth time, caused Parlux to be listed in the “Hall of Fame”, or better yet, in the list of the most prestigious trademarks whose products are the best-loved and sought-after by a vast number of people

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