Parlux ADVANCE®: The perfect working companion for trainers and teachers of the Orea Malià group.

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Information and Training

The cooperation which started some months ago between PARLUX and the artistic group ‘Orea Malià’ is still on the go and at its best.

On September 21st, a meeting was held at one of the most prestigious Orea Malia hair salons in Milan - that of via Marghera.

On that occasion, some Orea Malià trainers and hair stylists took part in the presentation of the latest PARLUX hairdryer - Parlux ADVANCE®  which particularly focused on  the  technical and practical features of this new incredible PARLUX 2016 hairdryer model.

Special attention  was given to its modern, ergonomic design and to its lightweight and power; thanks to the new K-Lamination motor, which is very light, very powerful and long-lasting (about 2500 working hours!).

 In addition to these important features, we must also take into account the incorporated Ionic & Ceramic system which allows for very quick and efficient drying, soft and shiny, easy–to-handle hair.

The new Parlux ADVANCE® presents an “anti-heating” front body which allows hairdressers, who use the hairdryer by holding it at the frontal part instead of the hand-grip, to freely  do so at their own freedom and choice.

The production and packaging materials of this hairdryer as of  other previous PARLUX models are strictly Eco Friendly; besides protecting the health of hairdressers and customers  they are also evironment-friendly.

A light and powerful, easy to handle, long-lasting, certificated and reliant product, the Parlux ADVANCE® hairdryer  results in being  the ideal professional partner  for all hairdressers.

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