Korea 2016, World Hairdressing Championship

Mondiali 04

The Parlux dryers are the winners together with the Italian Champions!

Last March, during the 70th edition of the Hairdressing World Championship which is organized by OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure)one of the most important international hairdressing competitions,Italian competitors achieved enormous success in the many categories.

Success not onlyfor them but also for the “Made in Italy” tools which helped them to obtain many awards. We are speaking about PARLUX hairdryers, famous and well-known tools that thanks to their technical-professional qualities, are a  real “must” for the most demanding hairdressers for at least the last 40 years.

It is during hair-fashion live shows as well as during International competitions that PARLUX dryers become the best faithful and reliable work  and victorious companion! Why? Some examples: their innovative motors assure power and lightweight as well as quick drying; soft and shiny hairstyles thanks to a Ceramic & Ionic device inside the dryer; the modern, ergonomic design which allows for less arm fatigue and maximum comfort during use.

These basic features are appreciated by all hairdressers, especially by those who, during competitions, have to achieve artistic, elaborated hairstyles in a very short time.

In Seoul 2016, the Italian competitors taking part in the ANAM (Accademia Nazionale Acconciatori Misti) equipped with the modern and very colourfulParlux 385 PowerLight® dryers, excelled in their style and creativity and won many Fashion competitions, individual teams, seniors and juniors.

PARLUX dryers are created and manufactured to bettersatisfy all professional needs of hairdressers working all over the world; especially during the World Champions of today and of the years to come!

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