CAPELLO POINT organized the first PARLUX DAY


Fulvio Furcas uses the new Parlux ADVANCE®

Capello Point,  the Italian chain of stores specializing in products for hairdressers and beauticians, whose shops are situated in important shopping centers, on April 19, 2016, organized in Arese (Milan), at the brand new shopping center, Il Centro, its first Parlux Day.

Customers who received an invitation and made an appointment, received, free of charge, a hairstyle session by the famous Italian hairstylist, Fulvio Furcas. 

All hairstyles during that day were accomplished by using the new 2016 PARLUX model, the Parlux ADVANCE®.
A new-generation, modern and technologically advanced hairdryer, is a product which obtains very quick, effective drying, an indispensable item for both professional or personal use.

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