A PARLUX hairdryer as a tattoo!

Il tatuaggio è un phon Parlux.jpg

What can a young U.S. hairdresser push to get tattooed a PARLUX hairdryer on her left arm?
This is the curious story of Heather, young girl living in Deep River, small town based in Connecticut a PARLUX Milano, FACEBOOK friend, who, after having tested the quality and effectiveness of PARLUX hairdryers compared to any other hairdryers from other companies, decided to get tattooed one on her left arm, artwork of the tattooed artist, Mrs. Cherie Carson, Groton, CT.

The tattooed hairdryer is a purple Parlux 3200 C&I which, due to its power, lightness, quick hair drying and positive results on hair which results soft and shiny, has no equals and therefore, according to Heather, must always be present in her life.

A gratification from USA which can make PARLUX proud for the products the Company delivers to hairstylists worldwide.

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