Ionic hair dryers: which to choose for a perfect drying


In case your hair is stressed almost every day or you usually use a cheaper hairdryer, your scalp may be damaged.

A ionic hair dryer may neutralize the electric staticity present on your hair.

It breaks the water molecules and keeps your hair healthy, for a quick, perfect drying.


How to choose a perfect ionic hairdryer

A ionic hairdryer can generate negative ions which allow you to dry your hair very quickly keeping it moisturized. This technology alone, is not sufficient to obtain a perfect drying.

To be able to choose the correct hairdryer it’s necessary to consider also other facts and find the one which can fully satisfy one’s own needs.

Power: it is expressed in Watt and fixes the hairdryer capability  of producing a big quantity of warm air  to be able to dry your hair quickly.

Weight: the lower the weight of the hair dryer is, the easier it is to maintain control of the appliance for a long time. This is a determining factor for those who work in hair salon.

Accessories: accessories can affect the purchase of a particular hair dryer.

 A very effective choice for curly hair, is to use a diffuser, for example.


Which is your perfect hairdryer? Ionic or Ceramic? Please have a look at our catalogue

Are you looking for the perfect hairdryer for  but the new technologies get you become crazy? Let’s clarify

  1. The ionic technology allows the hair dryer to emit negative ions that break water molecules and speed up drying, eliminating the electro static nature of the hair
  2. The hair dryers with ceramic technology on the other hand, allow a traditional drying but assures a temperature uniformity,  constant but never excessive making you reduce usage times.

The combination of both technologies makes the hair more shiny and soft keeping it healthy.  The hair dryer can dry and protect even the most delicate points of the head at the same time.


The advantages of a Parlux ion hairdryer

Parlux produces Ionic & Ceramic high quality hair dryers which are appreciated all over the world.

Thanks to the vast experience accumulated in over 40 years,  Parlux provides all its skills to give you the opportunity to choose only among the best professional hair dryers


Advanced technologies

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