How to choose a professional hair dryer


professional hairdryer

Do you want the best products for your own hair salon?

If you believe that the hair health of your customers is the most important thing and you wish to choose for your own salon, a professional hairdryer,  discover Parlux and improve the quality of each hair styling of yours.

Which are the technical features of the best hairdryers?

Professional hairdryer Parlux

A Parlux hairdryer contains all features needed by a beauty hair professional.

Power, lightweight, silent operation: Stating which is the  greatest strength of  the Parlux products is difficult, so we asked our customers (hairdressers) what they love most about our hair dryers.

Here are their answers:

  • Constant performance over time
  • Lightweight and comfort
  • Design and elegant lines
  • Technology and Eco-Friendly evolution
  • Long-life of the product


Which are the most beloved Parlux models?


Parlux ALYON : the new landmark in the professional hairdryer industry.  

This tool represents over 40 years experience and innovation in the field and offers extraordinary performances: long-life up to 3000 hours, air flow: 84 m3/h, power 2250 Watt, lightweight, ergonomics, endurance.

Its features include a cold air button, two speeds, four temperatures,  the HFS system,  hair catcher system and the Air Ionizer Tech system,   negative ion technology. Again, a cold air button, two speeds, 4 temperatures.

The essential design and the new 8 new trendy color versions available convey feelings of happiness and well-being.


Parlux ARDENT:

The vintage design and its "old-fashioned" brushed graphite finish recall the barber masters of the 50’-60’ years. As usual, the Parlux technology surprises:  the life of this professional hairdryer is about 2000 hours and assures a 1800 Watt power, an air flow of 61 m3/h.

The negative ions technology “Air ionizer Tech” allows for quick dryings of beard and hair, leaving it soft and light.


Parlux 3200 PLUS: the technological restyling of this professional hairdryer combines power to a new aspiration concept, warranty of better silent operation and very quick drying. This model has been ridesigned for a much more professional experience.

Please compare them with our comparator and choose your preferred hairdryer!

Features of a professional hairdryer

The best professional hairdryer presents a mix of wisely balanced features. Among the most important features there are: power, weight and lack of noise


The choice of a professional hairdryer should be done on a product which optimally combines power, expressed in Watt,  air flow and air temperature.


The hairdryer is the tool which the hairdressers mostly use; for this reason it must be perfectly balanced and  has not to be very heavy; on the contrary it could negatively affect the operator’s wrist movements.


 “More power” doesn’t mean “more noise”.

The best professional hairdryers do not disturb customers and staff as they are very silent while operating.

How to choose a professional hairdryer:

  • Considering the “must have” features of a professional hairdryer, which are the details to consider better to be able to choose the perfect model for one’s one needs?
  • According to the desired performances, the hairdryer must warm up quickly but it could also allow you to change temperature quickly; its power range should be between 1800 and 2250 Watt while the air flow should be between 50 and 84 m3 per hour

• The life of the hairdryer should be at least 2000 hours;

• A big plus: the negative ions technology.

If you need a  more detailed buying guide, please read our latest article (link)


A Parlux hairdryer: the best choice

All Parlux creations represent the perfect synthesis at the service of the professional needs of hairdressers.

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