Do you wish a perfect straight hairstyle?


Please do not underestimate the hairdryer

The first step to obtain perfect straight hairstyle is realizing a perfect hair drying with the correct hairdryer 

The worry of every person with curly or wavy hair is always the same:  having perfectly smooth hair, for a long time, at any cost.

There are no cosmetic products to take, the secret to have a smooth hair is a hairstyling done properly, even before passing the final touch with the plate.

Knowing how to use properly the hairdryer and the hairbrush is the basic point to get a good final result; but handling the best professional hairdryer is the fact which really makes the difference between an approximate straight hair and a truly straight hair.

To be able to obtain a perfect straight hairstyle, you can start with a gentle hair drying removing all the extra water, then on the brushing, by dividing the hair into four sections or more (depending on whether you have more or less thick hair), drying one strand at a time.

Direct the air jet downwards with the nozzle, gently accompanying the lock from the roots to the ends.

Finish the hairstyle with a jet of cold air to fix it

Let's move on to the next step to get a perfect smoothness: choose the right hair dryer to achieve the result you are looking for you or your customers


The perfect hairdryer to get perfectly smooth hair

To be able to obtain the straight hair you wish, we advise the Parlux 3200® Plus:

one of the most powerful and silent of our models with a jet of instant cold air.

Nozzle and different diffusers allow for the creations of the best preferred

hairstyling. Five trendy colors available,  4 temperatures, it is powerful (1900 Watt) and represents the best combination to get smooth, straight hair.

It is equipped with two nozzles  that can be quickly snapped on to regulate the air flow

The first nozzle allows for a very quick hair drying, the second a perfect hairstyle.

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A special mention also to our Parlux ADVANCE®, the innovative, technologically advanced and "futuristic" professional hairdryer. Thanks to its K-ADVANCE motor® it offers superior performance:  more power and long-life!

Our Parlux ADVANCE® model is a concentration of technological researches and experimentations and can satisfy all hairdressers’ requirements for what concerns professional hairdryers, energy consumption and environment.

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One plus: the hairdryer with the ion technology


The Parlux professional hair dryers are also suitable for those who have already straight hair that, unlike curly hair, do not particularly need to be disciplined, but like it shine and softness

Thanks to the most recent technologies, it is now possible to protect event the most delicate hair due to the emission of negative ions which "break" the water molecules by absorbing them directly from the hair, moisturizing and protecting it. In addition, the negative ions neutralize the static electricity of the hair, making it easier to manage and comb.

We suggest you our professional hair dryer Parlux ALYON®  the latest model in our product range, which is the most innovative hair dryer and the one with the most advanced ion technology.

The revolutionary "AIR IONIZER TECH" guarantees delicate, natural, sweet drying: the hair is not attacked and dries gradually without losing vigour.

Again,  you will be given two fast-hooked nozzles of different sizes, included in the package.

Once you get the best professional hairdryer that satisfy all your needs, frizzy hair will only be a distant memory.

Choose the best for your straight hair

Try the Parlux quality

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